Niamh is a Kildare-based designer specialising in UX/UI and digital design. She is passionate about exploring the connection between design and the human brain and creating user-friendly experiences, understanding the importance of balancing aesthetics and functionality. Her expertise lies in utilising colour to create visually appealing and impactful experiences. Niamh strives to develop designs that effectively engage users and resonate with them on a cognitive level.


Death Life

Death Life is an intriguing publication that investigates four different afterlife belief systems: the Ancient Egyptian religion, Buddhism, Christianity, and the Aztec Empire. The project was motivated by Niamh’s personal experience of losing her mother two years ago and grappling with the question of whether there is life after death and where she might be. Using a visually striking approach, the book employs a dominant black colour palette and interlocking paragraphs to showcase polyvocal perspectives that offer nuanced critiques and introspective reflections on the shortcomings of each belief system. This design choice creates a sense of depth and interconnectedness, emphasising the complex nature of human beliefs. 


Safe is a customisable banking app designed specifically for neurodivergent users. The app incorporates inclusive design choices, such as avoiding harsh color contrasts for individuals with dyslexia and dyscalculia. It deviates from the traditional corporate banking app design, employing vibrant colours, rounded shapes, and a friendly tone to create an inviting atmosphere. To address impulsive spending common among individuals with ADHD and autism, the app includes a budget feature. Users can allocate expenses, set up direct debits, establish savings goals, and receive reminders about the impact of discretionary purchases on their goals.