Oisín is an Irish designer based in Kildare. He is particularly interested in brand identity design and creating innovative brand experiences, but also has experience working with other aspects such as video editing, illustration, and editorial design. He is always eager to try new things and expand his capabilities. 

Heineken Match 4

Heineken were looking for an innovative brand experience that ultimately brings us closer together. I wanted users to be encouraged to engage with my solution of their own accord. People coming closer together should become something that people look forward to, I wanted to add rewards for those who choose to interact with each other. With Heineken being the sponsor of the Champions League, I decided I should this as the focal point of my creation. When Heineken customers buy a beer, they will be offered a small card with ¼ of a footballer on it. When this piece is placed beside 3 matching cards, everyone involved can receive a free beer. I also made an app so that users could scan their card pieces via QR code and form their own digital collections over time. Beer mats and posters were designed to spread the word about the brand experience, this way Heineken customers would understand how the brand experience works prior to receiving the card.