Sarah is a Dublin based graphic designer. With a passion for illustration and photography; with a focus on poster design. Enjoys bringing striking visual narratives to life with bold illustrative and typographic design alongside lively photography.

All Aboard

These posters were designed for a potential campaign for TFI’s new accessibility podcast. The posters focus on different iconic locations around Ireland meant to transport the viewer into the calming nature of the podcast. Each poster is set at a different time of day to match the time of day the audience would be viewing them at.

Poetry Ireland

The aim of this typographic poster is to take a poem in this case Margaret Atwood’s Eating Fire and form a poster that embodies the essence of the poem. With the use of a limited colour palette and only typography to illustrate the poem. This poster was based on the lines ‘take it into your mouth and shoot it forth, a shout or an incandescent tongue, a word exploding from you in gold, crimson’