Shauna is a Kildare-based creative that is a dedicated and enthusiastic designer with a particular interest in brand identity design and photography. She has engaged in projects such as illustration, book design, branding, logo design and more. She has worked both independently and collaboratively in studio and remotely. She seeks to create designs that are not only visually appealing and colourful but also emotionally engaging, designs that communicate a message or solve a problem. 


Umai Japan   

Umai Japan is an affordable, eco-friendly brand that sells sushi share boxes. This brand was inspired by M&S sushi but eliminates all single-use plastics and features fun colours and exciting designs.  The brand is called Umai Japan, ‘Umai’ meaning yummy in Japanese. I wanted the packaging and branding to be Japanese inspired and feature Japanese paintings and patterns but with a modern twist. I devised my own logo made from an ornate Japanese pattern that appears inside and on the front of the boxes. The brand contains three different size boxes that can be shared with friends or colleagues. One is an 8-piece box, one is a16-piece box and the other is a 24-piece box.    
The design features a cardboard box with traditional Japanese drawings done in a bright and fun colour scheme to attract my target audience. The following image is a campaign that features a set of chopsticks, designed following the same design ideas. The chopsticks are steel and reusable and can ban be purchased separately from the sushi share boxes.   

The Night Sky: A Brief History

This book maps the journey of the advancements in star mapping and star gazing for over 5 centuries. It includes some of the most important star maps in history, made by some of the most famous astronomers and mathematicians that ever lived. The history of these maps and diagrams that stretch across the world from Europe to China to the Middle East, each with their own interpretations of the night sky. This project is a visual timeline of important developments that changed how we look at our universe today. The book visually represents the decades and centuries between these discoveries. From the very first map of stars in the year 1000BC to events only 100 years ago, stars helped us to further understand our moon, planets and our solar system.  
This publication is a laporello book about how stars have helped us understand our universe. This book is 104mm x 155mm, made using off-white, 90gsm paper with a yellow hue. The cover is a lightweight, white dust cover paper with a gold foil dot to represent a star. The book illustrated many star map diagrams from all over the world, each labelled and coloured navy-blue.