Tara Radovic or Tara Devi is an R’n’B musician and graphic designer from Dublin. She has an interest in working in the music, videography, photography and editorial industry mainly as a musician, designer, creative director and editor. She has an interest in bringing people’s music, ideas, editorial work and feelings to life through her art production and design. She aspires to work in a creative space that has the same creative, moral and musical space that her work portrays. 

Éist Linn Éire

Éist Linn Éire (Listen Up Ireland) is a zine that called the government to action post the Covid-19 epidemic in regards to how poorly it treated the musicians of Ireland during the pandemic, while using the current on the rise Irish musicians. It is a mixed media project where I used imagery, text, pink pen and black pen to create texture on page post print. 

The Heineken Experience