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Willow Cahill

As a final-year student of visual communications at TUD, living in Dublin, I'm profoundly dedicated to graphic design. I find joy in creatively expressing ideas, driven by meticulous attention to detail. Throughout my journey, I've pursued hard work, constantly exploring new techniques and pushing design boundaries. Whether it's branding or digital media, I'm committed to crafting visually compelling solutions that connect with audiences and make a lasting impact. 

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Pipeline to Inceldom

For my ISTD project, I've crafted an informative booklet centred around the pertinent theme of Incels and the online manosphere, titled 'Pipeline to Inceldom'. The genesis of this endeavour traces back to my involvement in the RAGEN (Reactionary Masculinities and Anti-Democratic Gender Narratives) international research project. Within RAGEN, I served as the graphic designer, contributing to the creation of the project's logo and diagrams. This experience ignited my passion to develop a resource that was both informative and accessible. Opting for a booklet format over a traditional book was a deliberate choice, aimed at enticing readers to engage with its contents spontaneously. I envision it being utilised in spaces frequented by young adults (in particular young men), such as barber shops, university student societies, or similar communal settings.

Section 39

For my D&AD project, I've produced a video spotlighting the income inequality and pay gap among workers in sections 10, 38, and 56. The narrative contrasts the unnoticed yet vital role of "Section 39" caregivers with the perceived success and recognition of "Section 38" office workers. Through poetic language and visual storytelling, I aim to raise awareness of this disparity, advocating for societal change and empathy. The video urges unity to address the enduring challenge of income inequality, emphasising the importance of recognizing the contributions of all workers and fostering a more equitable society.