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Ying Qi Tang

Ying Qi is a multimedia designer originally from Malaysia, who pursued her college studies in Dublin, Ireland. She brings a diverse cultural background to her work by having experienced Malaysia's multicultural society and an Erasmus exchange in the Netherlands. She's also passionate about exploring creativity through travelling. In her studies at TU Dublin, Ying Qi explored different topics such as multicultural, languages, and the impact of social media filters, with a focus on raising awareness about important issues. Her design approach is characterised by joyful creativity, covering areas such as photography, website design, illustration, typography, video, and film. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to storytelling, she strives to create compelling visual narratives that resonate with her audience on a personal level. Through her work, Ying Qi aims to inspire curiosity, spark dialogue, and foster connections across different cultures and communities. 

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SDA Scrapbook (Commended for RSA Award)

SDA Scrapbook is an animation project that aims to encourage greater participation in the Student Design Awards by showcasing the diverse winners and transformative power of design through a scrapbook-style narrative. It serves as an engaging and informative introduction to the Student Design Awards (SDA), connecting professionals from all walks of life with young innovators shaping the future. Using black and white photos and yellow paper combined with vibrant colours and digital adaptations, the project explores the evolution of scrapbooking. Narrated by Frank Warner, the founder of SDA, the scrapbook brings innovators' journeys to life, ending with an invitation for future creatives to get involved with RSA. Through sound design and dynamic storytelling, it creates a visually rich and engaging experience, ensuring the scrapbook remains a living tribute to creativity. 

Malaysia Ah? Yes! We speak Manglish lah!

Malaysia ah? Yes! We speak Manglish lah! focuses on Malaysia and Manglish, emphasising the nation’s diverse, multi-ethnic, and multicultural society. Malaysia’s main ethnic groups—Chinese, Malays, and Indians—speak languages such as Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. After British colonisation, English was the primary language, but post-independence, Malay became the official language, and English took a secondary role. English in Malaysia evolved into Manglish, an English-based creole influenced by the country’s major languages. Widely used in informal settings, Manglish is a dynamic language system that reflects Malaysia’s diversity and cultural heritage. It captures nuances that standard English cannot, showcasing the nation’s linguistic evolution. This publication aims to introduce Manglish to foreigners, highlighting its significance as a distinctive linguistic feature and a key element of Malaysian identity, reflecting the country’s rich cultural diversity.