Erica Mazilu

Born in Dublin in 2001, Erica Mazilu. She has been studying Visual Culture in the last 3 years of university, she has always been a creative and dedicated person. Last year (2021) she was shadowing curator Sheena Barrett in the Lab Gallery in Dublin. She has learned a great deal from this experience as well as the knowledge she has collected from her modules applying them to her work in the group project that was done last November and as well as her thesis.

Death visualized in Irish culture

This work discusses pre-Christian and Christian Ireland and the types of burials that took place during that period. It investigates international cemetery design, focusing on cemeteries in Paris and Dublin. Furthermore, garden cemeteries are considered for their design and appearance. The monuments of funerary art and architecture and burials considered include the Magee Memorial in 1847 and the Cusack memorial of 1863, Mt Jerome and Glasnevin cemeteries the Paris catacombs and Pere Lachaise. These examples reveal both in symbols and layout the importance of religious distinction in the visual culture of death.