Caoimhe Byrne

My name is Caoimhe Katie Byrne. I am an Irish female photographic artist from Dublin, Ireland. I am a graduate of the Technological University of Dublin 2022 from my Bachelor’s degree in photography. My field of interest within the industry primarily lay within the genre of fashion photography in relation to my career path and secondarily, other projects I have taken on and shown great interest in would be within the genre of documentary photography.
My most recent project for my graduate show, “Don’t forget to follow me...” is based on night life and the chaos of young people between the ages of 20-25 learning to rebuild their social skills and create new memories again after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions had been lifted.

Don’t Forget to Follow Me

'Don’t Forget to Follow Me' is the name of my final year major project based on night life after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions had been lifted. For what seemed like the longest time, we were encouraged to restrict our movements, to avoid socialising and to socially distance, all of which are habitually unnatural to us. People have had to socialise via social media and phone calls with their friends and loved ones.
However, due to the lifting of the restrictions and hopefully having endured the hardest part of this pandemic, young people, particularly, are now at free will to re-join their friends, create new friendships and relationships, rebuild their social skills and self-confidence and create lifelong memories which is what our early twenties should be about. It is to capture the joy and chaos of being able to socialise again having been stripped of these important experiences for young people for a long period of time.