Sarah Lindsay

The Harbour View Hotel

The Harbour view hotel is a Multi 4 level storey boutique styled hotel set in Dun Laoghaire. For my concept, my inspiration came from looking at the surroundings which included the beach, bandstand and the train station which helped me to form my concept. The lines in the railway track and the shells on the beach helped me to develop my concept through sketches and I used these throughout my textiles and finishes.

The POM Box

For piece of mind, my concept aim is to focus on creating a piece of furniture that ismultifunctional for my niece who has autism. The world of ordinary furniture todaycan be challenging and unfriendly to children with autism spectrum disorder and forother children who have special needs. I believe there is a massive opportunity forcontemporary furniture products that focus on how a child interacts with the pieveand how it makes them feel.The POM box consists of 5 pieces (frames) that connect together using velcro andcan be taken apart and disassembled. Playing is a very important part for childrenwhich is why I wanted to create something they can interact with. The POM box has2 activity pieces that challenge their senses and children are able to learn newcommunication skills from this which benefits them in many ways including reducinganxiety and stress.The design of the POM Box aims to create a safe space for any child to relax, playand have quiet time. For a child who has autism, noise and light can trigger stress soI wanted to create a space that they can go to to relax, play and learn.