Leah Cleary

Leah Cleary is a Westmeath based designer and has always been a creative person. Growing up she had a great interest in art, photography and anything involving bringing a vision to life. Through her college experience, Leah has found this inventiveness in design. Her design focus spans from creating concepts to visualizing them through branding, packaging, and digital design. Leah enjoys creating systems of design that strive to help others and real-world problems.


Medication storage, delivery, and dispensing all contribute to a world of waste. Conditions like arthritis require excessive amounts of energy and medication for treatment, pain management and counteracting side effects. Having arthritis therefore results in an abundance of energy and packaging waste.

Rejoin is a brand, ‘green’ app, and packaging design system. Rejoin helps arthritis patients make their condition more comfortable and environmentally aware. The app is focused on; tracking patient’s energy consumption to avoid flare-ups and pairing with a medication delivery and packaging scheme to make arthritis a greener condition. Useful app features include; energy saver tools, a digital medication scanner, and a green medication delivery scheduler.

Rejoin’s packaging system includes multiple solutions. The reusable blister containers are made of natural rubber and recycled PVC lids from old blister packs. These containers are limited dexterity friendly, sanitisable by boiling, portable, and help the environment. Recyclable boxes and scannable labels can be scanned by the app and are colour coded by; direct arthritis, counteraction, and pain medication categories. Scannable labels can allow patients to reuse other containers and reduce the need for excess packaging. Where needed, blister packs are made compostable from molded pulp, compostable plastic and paper. Rejoin is mutually beneficial for arthritis patients and their environment. As the name suggests, Rejoin gives back to what we take from our environment to create a world of arthritis medication ‘without the waste’.