Eoin Moore

Eoin Moore is a Dublin based designer from Co.Kildare. He is passionate, hard working and self motivated. His main areas of interest are package design and branding, which involves a wide range of skills that are sure to get the job done. He is focused on creating concepts that work and making them come to life through the vision of his clients. He is always looking to broaden his skill set and engage in new and exciting opportunities.


Duolingo is the world’s number one language learning app. Their aim is to make language learning fun, accessible, and free for everyone no matter who they are. They want people to stay motivated and have tried to keep people motivated by gamifying the app with daily streaks, leaderboards and motivational push notifications

The problem duolingo faces at the moment is keeping people using their app. A Lot of people start using the app but drop off and stop using it. They want to get people back into the app and make it part of their users daily routine while keeping it fun.

Duoheros gives people who are living aboard the chance to learn the language of the country they are staying in, whether that is for a few months or even longer. The Duoheros board game is designed to get people talking in a fun and exciting way. The game encourages its players to keep up with their Duolingo language learning in three simple ways. Firstly through speech, with a variety of cards that are sure to get people talking. Secondly, through an understanding of the language they are learning with action cards that are sure to get people laughing. Third of all by keeping it fun for everyone. Duoheros is sure to help people build friendships and encourage language learning to become the hero of communication they were born to be.

Act Together

How we communicate with each other has become very difficult in modern times with the use of social media and the content we consume online, which can easily sway our opinions and our views on certain global issues. One of the objectives of this project is to bring the visuals back to a more analogue representation of these issues and to show that healthy and constructive dialog can be achieved and to show that actual conversation is what is needed so that we can hear both sides of any debate that might arise which could lead us to create better solutions for our futures.

I would like this animation to help impact people who are bombarded with content online and social media that makes them feel as though they are not part of the conversion. Through the visual I intend to give the potential viewerer a visual that speaks to them on a personal level, to make them feel that they too have a place in the conversation and through actual debate and discussion that their voices can be heard. To show that they should start to form their own opinions rather than following the views of others that they might see online and to help shape the world towards a better future.

Currently people are constantly bombarded with content that is very digital which in my opinion makes people feel isolated from global issues and also makes them feel as though they do not have a role to play in any of the decisions that are being made. Through this animation I intend to show the viewer that everybody has a role to play in our future. By making an analog animation, through stop motion, my intention is to show that even in this digital age our opinions matter and that working together will create better solutions for our future. By using an analog approach my objective is to make the animation stand out against all of the digital content that people see online and to connect to the people that feel too far removed from these important issues.

By using AM and FM radio waves my project aims to show that discussion is key in these big global issues and that we have to allow for actual debate around these topics. AM radio waves allow more room for interference which I will use to show that once enough opinions have been heard a more balanced solution can be achieved.