Eimear Harte

Eimear has a keen interest in contrasting and unique colour patterns, textiles, and shapes within interiors. Throughout the four years studying interior design, she has discovered a great love for both commercial and residential projects. As the years have gone by, her personal style has adapted and evolved to what it is today. With the help of the fellow students and mentors of the course, she has learned a great deal about the industry thus far. Important lessons such as incorporating universal design, following and studying technical guidance forms/ building regulations as well as utilising space in the most productive way possible.


The purpose of this project was to convert an office building to something much more unique and special which would hopefully become an integral part of the community. With the copious amounts of rather derelict office buildings because of the Covid epidemic and people working from home making them less necessary, I thought refurnishing a building like this which is usually associated with work and labour to something culturally rich and unique would be something everyone would benefit from.

Although Ireland has been experiencing emigration of its young citizens, it also has a high immigration rate. Therefore, there are citizens living here trying to assimilate to the culture as well as many young students and workers preparing to learn languages in order to work abroad or to broaden their horizons. In this case I wanted the opportunity to provide communities with a common place to learn languages, experience various cultural cuisine and to overall increase their skills making them more employable, satisfied, and creative.

Another reasoning for this development is the 9-5 work culture and student lifestyle. Many people are exhausted going to work and heading home. Unless people are gym goers, there are very little location changes in one’s day to day life other than work and home. Here there is an opportunity to kick back, read, learn, eat, drink or to just spend some time alone. To have a building in the heart of the city not associated with the work grind is refreshing and something new. As well as to have a place to meet people and peers, as maintaining and forming friendships as people get older is increasingly difficult. Here it makes it easy as there are classes, cafes, bars and libraries so there is plenty opportunity for social or private interaction.

The facilities operated at Cosmo, named after the term cosmopolitan, includes cookery classes that explore foods of the world, immersive dining which offers 4D eating experiences, library and café spaces, a workroom for people wanting peace and quiet, a bar and lounge, a function room for parties or events, a marketplace canteen that provides stalls of food tasters and drink, a two-floor art exhibition showcasing art from all over the globe, an art class and a rooftop bar.