Conor Rice

Conor is a practicing multi-disciplinary designer currently living and working in Dublin. With a curiosity for problem solving and technology, Conor is a quick learner as well as passionate about learning and experimenting with new mediums and techniques.


Spotlight is a live audio platform by Penguin that promotes their classics and best sellers to a wider audience, spotlighting certain books every month. It aims to create an engaging online book community, which will encourage reading and communication, and hence generate buzz and excitement around books again.

By having a curated collection of books each month, it focus the discussion and makes for a collected shared reading experience. The app is all about having live audio discussions to help stimulate organic conversations and is targeted towards a growing tech savy population. The identity is based around the audio and energy found in the app.

Home Sessions

Home Sessions was created to address the learning gap in education in particular when it comes to learning through play. It is a Department of Education initiative to promote learning through music and rhythm.

Home Sessions will create an instrument themed box every month for students. These will contain instructions on how to build the particular instrument, and the history and culture behind the instruments.

The identity comes from music itself. The logo is based on music sheets and the ups and downs of the notes on the page. The secondary typeface is the friendly sans-serif Neue Montreal, which provides clear legibility for the user. Music is about vibrancy, which is why the box is anything but mundane. The box is bursting with colour and evokes the young user’s senses. The pattern on the box was created from my research of musical instruments. I broke down different instruments such as pianos, violins, guitars, etc and took elements from them, such as guitar strings and piano keys.

The project will be engaging for both at home use, but educational use also. By giving out the boxes in school, students can communicate with each other over the music box, and encourage them to play together.

An app was created as a platform for parents of the children. The app connects with the code on the box and allows allows parents to record snippets of their children playing. Children can also bring in their boxes, where the class can record a symphony using their boxes, and the teacher using the app. Like the Humitarian Play Labs, it will allow children of all cultures to escape, and experience joy with the creation of music.