Chata-Mari Viglino

Chata-Mari can be defined as being a very hardworking, strong-willed, and dedicated individual. Chata-Mari has faced many challenges due to her dyslexia, but she found her passion in Art and Design, and this has been a great vehicle for her to articulate and express herself. It also gave her the confidence on which she could build and flourish as a creative person.

Chata-Mari enjoyed every aspect of the course and found a huge love for commercial projects, especially in the hospitality and retail areas of design. The Batchelor’s Degree in Art and Design will enable Chata-Mari to use the knowledge and understanding of design she has gained over the past 4 years and put this knowledge into practice in a working environment and into her future career.

Olympic House

The proposed thesis project aims to redesign a newly developed modern office block, located in central Belfast’s historic Titanic Quarter, into a multi-story high-end luxury Apartment block. Inspired by the rich history of the Titanic and its sister ship the Olympic. The Titanic Quarter is in the heart of Belfast’s Innovation District and home to over one hundred national and international businesses. It houses 20,000 people who “Live, Work, Visit and Stay” in the area, whilst attracting over 3.5 million visitors every year. The rich shipbuilding history provides the area with many unique historical experiences whilst housing one of Europe's largest fully functional film studios. The Belfast Titanic Quarter is one of Europe’s largest urban waterfront revival and regeneration projects and has had huge developments worth over £610 million invested in this area

Olympic house is 146,000 sq ft Grade A office space consisting of two sophisticatedly linked office blocks of six and seven storeys each, situated in heart of the Titanic Quarters and located on a national cycle way and within walking distance from Belfast city. This BREEAM Excellent office space makes Olympic House stand out from its competitors in the area as it sets the benchmark for sustainability as it is a brown field development. Olympic House has been designed order to improve the wellbeing of office workers in this space by providing a quality, efficient and sustainable working environment.

Olympic House will offer high-end amenities which are usually experienced within 4/5 Star hotels and making it accessible to the community and tourists. The Titanic Quarter is the top tourist destination in the Belfast area and annually draws a large number of tourists to the area. Olympic House offers these tourists a unique overnight experience by providing short stay rental apartments while giving them access to all the luxury amenities within the building. These high-end luxury apartments and amenities consist of a modern, state-of-the-art gym, spa, laundry room, breakfast bar, and a function room, Olympic House also houses a large bar and restaurant open to the citizens of Belfast and its residents.

The aim of this project was to bring a sense of community back into the area by creating a space accessible to the people of Belfast and tourists, whilst showcasing the rich maritime and shipbuilding history of the area and whilst incorporating a modern luxury design as a key element in this project.