Sarah Geraghty


Illustrative cutouts, a focus on textures, and the WGSN Spring/Summer 2022 macrotrend “Euphoric” embodies my final year display in Kildare Village.

“Euphoric” explores escapism, and the power art & design has to boost moods and create positivity. This trend looks at a rebellious edge, with a mix of creativity and freedom, which is something we’re all exploring after a crazy two years.

My design stemmed from an illustration I sketched; while being altered throughout the design process, I still wanted to keep the appearance of a life-size illustration.

I used various textures such as fur, gloss paints, matte paints, wool, and vinyl to bring the design to life. I used illustrator to create my window vinyl design, hand-cut foam board using a jigsaw, laser-cut shapes and built a curved table from wood.


For our Retail Design module, the brief was to design a retail store on Grafton Street, taking inspiration from our surroundings of the urban landscape and St. Stephens Green. Our goal was to convert the unit provided into a concept store with a strong identity based on innovative design. The retail outlet specialised in “Contemporary Irish Craft & Design” for the homeware sector and contained three sections. One section held earthenware, pottery, and glass, another offered linens, and the third section sold Irish art and prints.

My inspiration came from a Dublin inner-city key feature, the Luas. When I began to sketch the Luas lines and tracks, they reminded me of paint strokes. From there, my concept stemmed around paint strokes, hence the name of my store, “Impasto,” the process or technique of laying on paint or pigment thickly so that it stands out from a surface. I incorporated inspiration from the overhead Luas lines into my store with the lighting tracks.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project as I enjoy working with Sketchup, VRay, and Adobe Illustrator programs.