Aisling Hannon

Aisling is a multidisciplinary designer with a keen interest in identity design, motion design and illustration. Her work spans across both physical and digital platforms and she enjoys creating tactile items. She is passionate about how design can make the mundane interesting, and how it can propel and communicate ideas to the viewer in exciting ways. In 2021, Aisling worked as a design intern in Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive.

Rain Check

Rain Check is a seasonal subscription service for clothing patterns which encourages consumers to evolve their current wardrobe, rather than buying new clothes. Designed to reflect the seasonal trend forecasts in fashion, subscribers are sent a personalised Rain Check clothing pattern pack to allow them to evolve their old clothes into new trends. Not only does this reduce the consumer instinct to buy new clothes to match trends, but it also encourages consumers to learn to mend and renew their clothes by teaching basic sewing skills.

Rain Check contrasts the increasing number of fashion seasons in a year with the ironic increasing severity of the weather seasons. To “take a rain check” equates to re-evaluating a situation and delaying action until further notice. Rain Check aims to encourage consumers to postpone buying new items and shopping fast fashion and to instead reconsider and appreciate the value in the clothes that they already have, by upcycling them with a seasonal a personalised clothing pattern pack.
Rain Check works on a subscriber basis. The user can sign up through the Rain Check website, where they can input their details regarding their clothes size and delivery information. Each season, subscribers receive an envelope in the post with a personalised clothes pattern package.

An informative campaign runs alongside the subscription service. This focuses on educating consumers on the negative effects of the fast fashion industry, while also encouraging them to join discover Rain Check in a call to action. The digital campaign is situated on social media and out of home in city centers near shopping areas, to target consumers before they buy fast fashion


Undivided is a response to the RSA Student Design Awards Moving Picture Brief. The transcript, narrated by Vivek Murthy, highlights issues of disconnect in society. This animation frames this issue in relation to the contemporary issue of disconnect, felt by many due to social media and modern technology. The animation expresses the need for meaningful communication in working together to create a unified community.

The animation aims to connect with individuals who feel a loss of connection due to unrewarding and detached communication. This project aspires to reignite excitement in the viewer to connect with others and create a sense of nostalgia around means of communication other than digital, in an attempt to get the viewer to think about the strength of their connections and communications with others and on a broader societal scale.

Although technology is connecting us more than ever, the lack of interpersonal communication is causing us to be driven further apart. This animation focuses on how these varying technologies can connect and disconnect us as humans.