Sam Grogan

Sam is a final year Product Design student in TUDublin from Greystones Co. Wicklow. As part of the team, Phonics, he was highly commended for design in the Bolton Trust competition. As well as this, the team was shortlisted for the Enterprise Ireland final round. Over the years he has enjoyed all aspects of the course from working on a team to user-centered design. He enjoys talking to the users firsthand, who are really confronted with the problems and working together to find solutions through iteration and design.


Glow is a nightlight for children aged 4-7. The child and parent will construct Glow the previous night based on what activities they have the next day. There is four different colored pebbles and four different activity categories.

The colors are Purple, Blue, Green and Yellow.

The categories are Exciting, New, Important and Brave.

It is the parent and child’s job to sit down and assign a color to a category. They will then prepare the child for activities they have the next day, communicating and deciding which category each activity belongs in. For example, if the child is going to the doctor, this would be considered a Brave activity. Once a color is assigned a category, the pebbles can be stacked accordingly. Giving a visual representation of the child’s day.

Once the pebbles are all stacked on the base, the child can press down on them which will turn on a light in the base of the nightlight and glow through each of the colors. The child will be provided with 8 pebbles, two of each color.

Glow helps children prepare for their following day and alleviates any anxiety or worry they have, while also promoting a peaceful night's sleep. It does this through its emphasis on communication between parent and child. Preparing children for their day, allows them to ask questions they may have and opens a conversation for children to talk about something that may cause anxiety. Communication between parents and children is super important for a child’s development. Talking about any problems children have allows them to prepare for the next time they are confronted with these problems. Communication also strengthens the relationship between parent and child.

The reflection aspect is also quite important. When the child dismantles the night light to create their new one, they can look at everything they did that day. If the child struggled with something, it shows that they accomplished it, boosting their self-esteem.