Leah Sweeney

Leah’s strong love of nature has always inspired her creativity. Her work is often highly detailed and inspired by nature and her surroundings. Leah is interested in all areas of design and is particularly passionate about illustration.


This animation was created to fit the Ambitious Cities audio by the Kate Raworth which asks large number of complex questions society need to consider to meet the needs of all people and the planet. The problems discussed range from climate-change and overconsumption to politics. We need to find the balance between the growth of cities and nature and think about how interconnected the two are. ‘Interconnected’ encourages people to think about the questions asked in the dialogue. This animation shows the balance between cities and nature, emphasizing how at the foundation of everything we can find the questions and topics discussed.

The Wordless Project

This book tells a visual narrative purely through illustrations. This book aims to spark adventurous curiosity in the lives of its young readers. Inspired by the area around where I grew up and spent my childhood exploring. I wanted to bring the magic I found in this place to life to be enjoyed by children and help show the magic and adventures to be found in the nature around them.

Wordless books are important tools for literacy development as they encourage the “reader” to use their imagination to create their own narrative. This book is aimed towards children aged 5-9.

The story illustrated shows the adventure a young child sets out on to explore the outdoors around where they live, on this journey they stumble across a fairy upon seeing this magical creature they are then able to spot all of the magic in the close up details they missed along their way. The narrative allows room for interpretation so that the reader can create their own understanding of the story. The highly detailed illustrations are full of subtle details and elements that are designed to allow the reader to spot something new in the pictures every time they pick up the book. Shown here are some work in progress sketches and paintings showing the illustration style found in the final book available for viewing at the grad show.