Paul Hendrick

Paul is a product designer from Blessington, Co. Wicklow. Throughout his undergraduate degree he has showcased his exemplary teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Paul performs strongly in the various aspects of the product development process and displays a particular ability to elicit design insights from his research findings. He takes a hands-on approach to design through iterative prototyping and user feedback loops, to produce products that meet his users needs. This has been evident within his final year project producing an interactive maths resource in collaboration with a local primary school.


The fear of mathematics commonly known as Maths Anxiety is a global issue that manifests during primary school education. This fear stems from not understanding mathematical topics or how they can be applied leading to frustration and panic, children then begin to associate those negative with any form of mathematics.

Méadú (May-Do) aims to aid in curbing the development of maths anxiety through providing more interactive and engaging mathematics lessons for students aged between 7 to 12. The board primarily functions as an interactive multiplication table for children to learn up to their 12 times tables. The central board can be removed to uncover a maths fact sheet for use during lessons and flipped to reveal a whiteboard that offers open-ended functionality. The whiteboard when combined with the boards sliders allows children to plot points, construct shapes, create graphs etc. Without the sliders it offers a space for rough work when solving problems.