Erin Wilson

Erin Wilson considers herself to be a creative person with a passion for design, she is always on the lookout for new and unique designs. Erin thrives on a challenge and creates goals for herself on a regular basis so that she has something to aim towards. In the past four years she has learnt how to manage time and work under pressure while also developing useful, x, and visually appealing interiors.

FindLater Escape

The aim of this thesis project is to redesign Findlater House, located at 28-32 O’Connell Street Upper into an Inner-City Escape situated in the heart of Dublin City Centre. The goal of the new design is to create a city oasis where hardworking young adults may unwind for a short period in a peaceful yet highly effective restful reality, to give a quick sense of relaxation to guests and make them feel as if they are miles away from the stressful busy city. This building is surrounded by busy streets, commercial buildings, and lots of transport. Public transport allows access to this area from countless routes making it accessible for all. The building is currently a Holiday Inn, which is conveniently located in the heart of Dublin. So, a day trip or an overnight stay can be slotted into anyone's busy work life or even into a tourist itinerary while visiting Dublin.

To achieve this type of wellness city escape the different elements needed to be carefully considered and researched. Research on the building, location history and different amenities. This building was to be designed to separate from the outside world as a place to get away from the busy pace of life and work, enjoying the spa and wellness amenities. The guests will have an option to avail of the hospitality part of the building which will include short stay luxury micro rooms, a bar/restaurant or a day pass to use the facilities which might be more suited to a young professional that needs a day of relaxation. Other attractions in this inner-city escape include indoor thermal baths, salt caves, steam, sauna and relaxation areas for yoga, fitness, and meditation studios. A luxury wellness retreat in heart of the city without feeling like it.