Group Project: Talking Points

A Group Project worked on by all Creative and Cultural Industries students.

Talking Points: Why Is Sustainability So Damn Hard?

Tackling the big question, Why Is Sustainability So Damn Hard?, the final year CIViC class hosted a symposium to investigate a series of topics surrounding sustainability in the creative industries. Each student explored their subject of interest and presented their findings to a public audience with the purpose of initiating discourses on the barriers to sustainability and inviting suggestions of reformatory measures.
A variety of topics were discussed to encompass the true battle of sustainability and discover why it is so difficult to achieve, particularly from a creative and cultural industries perspective. The subjects ranged from built environment and technology to fashion and set design. The students divulged their research of the unsustainable activities the industry relies on that go unnoticed every day and advised the audience on how these industries can take action to reduce their harm on the environment through incorporating sustainable practices.

The penultimate activity of the event was a panel discussion with two industry professionals. Yvonne Cooney from Jameson and Christie Kandiwa from KRA Renewables were interviewed by one of the students, and generously imparted their wisdom on the theme of the night. The guest speakers provided insight on the sustainable practices of their organisations and demonstrated the importance of long-term planning and strategy to achieve creative industry sustainability goals.

The students successfully communicated their research and educated the audience, as well as demonstrated event management skills in the event’s organisation and execution.