Shane Brodigan

Shane is a final year product designer from Drogheda; his fascination with design began from a very young age when he used to draw a weekly comic strip issue which he would distribute to his classmates in primary school. He is fascinated with all aspects of the design process, emphasising design research and rapid prototyping. He is also fascinated with intuitive, simplistic design and exploring a user's pain points and journey map whilst navigating through a user interface or process and coming up with innovative and abstract solutions using his diverse skill set.


EduCubes is an educational product that aims to improve the overall success of primary school students aged 6-11 years old in STEM. The product develops the student's computational thinking abilities, a critical problem-solving skill set that is particularly useful for computer programming, mathematics, and everyday life. The product also develops the students' spatial skills, which are the ability to mentally manipulate complex structures; this skill strongly correlates to STEM success and is currently underserved within the Irish curriculum.

The EduCubes product blends active learning through play, a growing trend in the curriculum, with the perks of an interactive companion application that tracks student performance and utilises its level-based skill progression system to ensure each student can learn at a consistent, linear pace regardless of their initial skill level.