Sophie Holden-Halpin

Sophie is a Dublin based designer who is interested in all areas of design. She has a genuine strong excitement, love and passion for illustration. Sophie is enthusiastic about all things branding and animation. She is self-motivated and driven, having created a small business generating hundreds of sales alongside finishing a college honours degree. Sophie has experience in networking and connecting with local businesses that have led to creating variety of exciting freelance design projects.


In the past recent years Ireland has shown a lively growth in terms of coffee consumption. Today for many Irish people coffee is not just a commodity but it has become an necessity of life. A survey carried out by BrewSmartly in 2022 revealed that Dublin is the most “coffee-crazy” capital city in the world, housing 180 coffee shops per 100,000 people.

Coffee is a luxury that has been embedded into people’s everyday lifestyles. People are becoming more interested in how their coffee is brewed and presented. In the 21st Century coffee has evolved from a simple morning beverage to a popular everyday social activity. Due to high coffee demand, Ireland is littered with coffee shops on every street corner, as coffee consumption is increasing, coffee prices are also beginning to grow.

Filtr is a platform developed in an attempt to connect consumers to local sustainable coffee shops in Ireland. At Filtr, we want to change the way consumers think about coffee and encourage responsible and ethical coffee choices. Filtr provides users with a platform in which to learn about coffee culture and production. At Filtr, we educate our users on sustainable coffee practises in our attempt to revolutionise the modern coffee industry. Filtr allows users to budget their weekly coffee spend by providing an easy to use platform that allows coffee lovers to access unmatched value. Filtr collaborates with sustainable coffee shops across Dublin, rewarding users for their responsible coffee choices. Filtr displays the exclusive daily deals which users can access to reduce their weekly coffee budget.


In the last two years the pandemic has diminished young adults spirits. HSE research from 2021 shows that 90% of young people cover up their mental health when asked how they are feeling. It also states that 67% of adults don’t seek treatment. Open up with walkers is a PR and social media led campaign that encourages young adults to open up and talk about their mental health with friends. According to the HSE website talking to someone helps a person to look at things in a different way and to find solutions. Talking things out can help lessen worry and reassure that there is a better or different way forward.

Open up with walkers campaign takes a positive and witty approach as research from the University of Colorado has suggested customers will think more positively and better remember a brand that uses humour in their advertising. The Open up with walkers campaign produces a new set of crisp packaging designs that use interesting typography and witty copy lines in hope to resonate with the viewer and catch their attention.

The crisp packet designs aim to act as a prompt to talk about mental health. The customer opens up the bag of crisps out flat and shares them with a friend, whilst enjoying these crisps the consumer should see a small prompt on the inside of the crisp packet that encourages them to talk about what is on their mind. This inside packaging design also directs the consumers to the walkers Instagram where everyday tips and resources for improving mental health can be found.

Open up with walkers uses posters and animations to advertise the campaign in fast pacing environments such as train stations, bus stops, places of travel and shopping centres. Whilst also employing Instagram ads, posts and stories to convey the message of its fine to not be fine.