Nikola Kuzniar

Nikola considers herself a hard-working person, that is detail-oriented with the ability to apply a sense of style to create aesthetically pleasing interiors. She always tries her best and wants to deliver great quality work. She developed her understanding about space management and experimented with a variety of styles during her four years of Interior Design studies. Her dream has always been to work in Design Practice, where she could put her creativity and knowledge to good use while further developing her skills.

Spa Retreat

The Eaton House (24-32 Pembroke Road, Dublin 4) was transformed into a Spa retreat as part of this design project.

The aim of the Spa retreat is to allow all guests, from business travellers to tourists, to unwind their minds and bodies. Dublin is a business-friendly city that attracts individuals from all over the world. Many business travellers are under a lot of pressure and stress. After a long and exhausting shifts, it's beneficial to refresh the mind in a sauna or a swimming pool. Tourists come to a city to learn about the area, visit museums, and shop. They need to relax after a busy day. From a variety of different facilities (steam, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool, flotariums, salt rooms, yoga studios, cocktail/ smoothie bar and restaurant) to various treatments (massages and facials), this place will allow all guests the ultimate relaxation. I have designed this Spa Retreat in a way that would leave guests with an unforgettable spa experience.

In order to achieve this luxury Spa retreat, immense research in the facilities and treatments provided at wellness centres was needed. I wanted to ensure that the spa/wellness concept is successfully taken into consideration throughout guest's entire experience in the retreat. This has been achieved by taking into consideration the guests’ journey, the way they will move through different areas of the building, as well as thinking about small, but important interior details of the Spa retreat. All parts of the interior were being carefully and strategically designed to match the idea of a calming environment and to create an ultimate spa experience from the very entrance.

The whole retreat was designed in a way that won’t seem like the it is in the middle of a busy city. Instead, the aim was to make guests feel like they are in a calming, slow-paced area surrounded by natural environment, while being in the centre of a fast-paced city.

LEVIS Retail Store

A new retail store for the organisation: Levis Strauss & Co. (American Fashion and Apparel Organization) was designed from the Huguenot House as a part of this design project.

LEVIS as a global organisation, that has maintained strong brand values such as creativity, integrity, and originality since its foundation in 1853. It has grown to become one of the biggest clothing companies worldwide. Levi Strauss & Co. focus on fashionable clothing. As a brand that I have become so familiar with in recent years, I was excited to explore more about the brand and design a retail interior for this brand.

I chose one of the first LEVIS retail stores as my source of inspiration for the store's interior design. I studied the architecture of the building, as well as the interior design style, and utilized it as inspiration for the interior design of this building. I looked at the design of their logo as part of my research about the company, which became my second source of inspiration for the store . I chose to research the history of the logo and its shape to come up with a few design concepts for this retail store. The logo's colors were used extensively in the retail store's design.

When designing my floor plans, I kept in mind that the floor plan should be laid out in a way that allows customers to easily navigate the store. I made sure that there is a main walkway on each floor that will lead customers around each display areas. In the store, there are hot spots and focal points that will catch the customer's attention. The retail store's design has been carefully considered, and it is accessible to everyone, regardless of their mobility.