Casey Gray

Casey’s eye for design and aesthetics became evident from an early age. Growing up as a young child Casey was always a very creative and visually driven individual. Casey’s urge to create not only aesthetic and beautiful work but memorable moments and experiences for people is what established her love for interior design. As she got older her love for travel and interest in how different cultures lived and used interior spaces blossomed. Casey went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in interior design with TU Dublin’s creative arts department, where she was further encapsulated into her creativity and built up a wide skillset in order to begin her journey in the design industry.

Multi-Generational Living: Urban living meets Tranquillity

This Design proposal aims to convert and re-develop TU Dublin’s Kevin Street campus into a state of the art apartment block for multi-generational families. The goal for this project is to create a supportive environment for the young and old to co-exist in Dublin today. With housing prices going up, and the average age for first time buyers sitting at 33 years old, we are being brought back to our roots of multi-generational living. Adult children are moving back in with their parents to save for mortgages while elderly are moving in with their adult children as homes may no longer be suitable or supportive for an elderly person to live comfortably. The Irish housing system has forced families to co-exist in crowded, unaffordable accommodations that no longer support our lifestyles. This innovative series of apartments introduces a new way of life, something that Dublin has never seen.

This design proposes a unique and conceptual design based on the architecture of the original building. Additional design inspiration has been taken from the conceptual idea of combining urban city living with tranquillity and serenity. The apartments have been carefully considered and designed with the aim of creating a calming escape from the hustle and bustle of Dublin city centre with a strong emphasis on universal, long lasting design that works for all family members regardless of age, ability, or lifestyle. Immense research has been conducted on health, lifestyle, how we live, and the basic needs and wants of different generations in order to facilitate each generation. This building boasts 100 four bedroom spacious apartments that allow working from home, studying from home, and families to connect but also live individual lives. The apartments have been designed to be adaptable as generations grow and change, with gender neutral bedrooms and adaptable living areas. Private terraces and green spaces have been added for the mental health and well-being of family members as well as communal areas such as package drop of and collection, collaborative spaces and child minding, All of which have been universally and aesthetically designed and user friendly from babies up to elderly family members.

The goal for this design is bigger than just an apartment block, but to change our future in how we live as Irish citizens. The location of the building boasts a great sense of community in the heart of Dublin city centre, bringing families together by creating a seamless blend between the different lifestyles of each generation and promoting families to co-exist weather you are a college student, working parents, an infant or elderly grandparents.