Emily McKeagney

Emily Mckeagney is from Co.Offaly but based in Dublin. She is a self motivated designer with an interest in branding and typography. She enjoys reading and podcasts. She has had great success selling her prints in both the Jamart factory and the Irish design shop.


The brief was to future proof the Chivas Regal Whiskey for the new generation. Provenance is a sub-brand for Chivas Regal that combines the new technology of NonFunglible Tokens (NFTs) with the old craftmanship of whiskey making. This brand focuses on the origin of the whiskey and its story, utilising the blockchain to create transparency and authenticity of the story. This would allow people trade the bottle as a token and their investment could go up and gain value over the years while the whiskey is maturing. Provenance would help future proof Chivas because when people are invested in something they are more likely to support the brand as it is in their interest to do so. Provenance shows that Chivas Regal are the forefront of the industry in relation to evolving technologies and business environments.


The Brief was to design a Brand Identity for the typographic Research Unit, And apply it to promotional Material.

The TRU brand identity speaks to the history of typography and works in both a printed and digital context. When starting to brainstorm this project the idea of history came up and even though this is new identity typography has a lot of history it was decided the logo should speak to this history. When looking into the history of printing and typography newspapers came up often and how they changed typography this is when the idea of the logo looking like leading came up. This also influenced the decision to create a Newspaper publication for promotion of the TRU. The colour palette looks very different in RBG and CMYK this was to to show the affordances of print and digital media.