Sarah Dunne

Sarah Dunne is a Final Year Visual Merchandising and display student studying in Technology University Dublin. Throughout her studies over the last three years, she has gained a vast number of skills and knowledge that she will bring to her future workplaces. She was fortunate enough to get the opportunity for an internship in Dunnes Stephen’s Green the last 10 months along 5 highly experienced visual merchandisers. Where she learned skills such as, shop fits, floor layouts, quick speed, standards, displays and many more. Due to spending over half of her journey in this course during covid times she has been able to adapt and learn even more skills than the average past students. Sarah has highly enjoyed being a part of the Visual Merchandising and Display course and thoroughly recommends it to anyone considering venturing into the fashion and creative industry.

Think Pink

Colour blocking, edgy styling, and an imaginative concept narrate Sarah's Final Year Window Installation. The window was showcased in Dunnes Stores St. Stephen's green. Based on the Spring/Summer 2022 Macro Trend, Euphoric is a trend that explores the power of design to boost moods and give positivity. For her final window, Sarah wanted to celebrate the creativity and freedom of this trend.

Sarah's pink colour blocking window shows the typical Dunnes customer release through escapism and perhaps a new experience. Keeping with sustainability, sh collected the previously used items over weeks, primed and spray-painted. In addition, the MDF, flooring, shopping trolley, basket, and shelving unit were spray-painted. Sarah's display brought a fun and fashion element to the grocery side of Dunnes Stores. Three mannequins were styled using the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Sarah was fortunate enough to have my installation featured on the Savida Instagram page.

The Roaring 2020s

In the second year, during covid times, Sarah created a window installation based on the Spring Summer 2021 trend Game Scape. She wanted to create a reality we wished for during this covid time through a virtual lens. She imagined what a post covid world would look like through a VR headset that students her age were all longing for at the time. Sarah wanted to create a fantasy immersive display, including hyper-digital colours and retro rave/camp wear; this included a speaker playing live dance music. She designed a psychedelic background using paint, styling her clothes from past festivals/club night outfits using designs. Her mannequins were tall, elongated mannequins whose poses captured live movement with the disco ball above them.