Frank Boles

Frank Boles is an Irish born artist, currently studying for a BA in Fine Art at Technical University Dublin. His current practice of abstract painting titled ‘E scape E’ is influenced and based on his relationship with the landscapes of Ireland. An upbringing in the rural countryside and urban city influencing and forming him, which in turn forms this body of work.

E scape E

‘E scape E’ is a current project that is abstract, using colour and minimum brushwork, it is paint based, along with using mixed media and natural materials been the main sources used for the project. This work is influenced by landscape with the natural flow of the landscapes the main influence of the work. From rural journeys through fields, bogs, woods, on trails and tracks, crossing over streams and rivers, along with the climbing of hills and mountains.
Walking and hiking through wind and rain, heat and cold, fog and mist, by day and by night.
Pushing myself physically and mentally to arrive at certain destinations and peaks.
At a minimum urban cityscape have also played their part in the work along with man-made roads, buildings, and structures.
Extracting from the landscape by immersing oneself at destinations, this has been done of recent times more extensively as research for the work. The work sets out to form an escape to solitude with self from the surrounding confinements of man, and man-made structures. As in the erosion of the land, the erosion of everyday by weathering the storm to reach a destination of extensive views and scenery comes into play for a place for thought and memories.