Ian Kelly

Ian Kelly is a Dublin based designer with a passion for all aspects of design. He believes, at its core design should be used as problem-solving tool. Over the last few years he has built a freelance business focusing of all aspects of design including branding, motion, photography and videography. He has worked with clients such as Aiken Promotions, TU Dublin, TU Dublin Students’ Union, The Murray’s Pub Group, Shamrock Rovers Football Club and many more.

Around the Baily

The aim of this project is to create a publication that serves as a local history of the Baily Lighthouse. Rather than just providing an historical overview it aims to weave, within the historical facts, diverse and personal accounts of life within and around the Baily. This book is aimed at people interested in local history It aims to provide personal perspectives on a famous local landmark. Rather that solely focusing on facts it aims to unearth and reveal diverse stories. The book could potentially be part of a series that focuses on lesser known aspects of Irish history, landmarks and events, that tells these diverse and personal accounts within a general history.

The goal of the project is to facilitate connections between local histories and trigger memories or new stories that may emerge from engaging with the text. It aims to provide connections within local histories and heritage and help trigger memories that the readers themselves may have about the lighthouses and to illicit new conversations that may generate other stories that could add to the rich history within the book.


The aim of this project is to provide an illustrative history of the Grangegorman site. Over the last few hundred years Grangegorman has been home to a women’s prison, a number of lunatic asylums, a cholera hospital as well as a University. This project combines found images, text and audio to tell interesting stories about the history of the location. It aims to show connections between people, places and the traces they leave behind within the context of the institutions.al