David Sinclair-McCabe

David Sinclair-McCabe is a young product designer from Dublin. Throughout his time in the ‘Product Design’ Undergraduate Programme at Technological University Dublin, David has developed a broad skillset across the product design discipline. This allowed him and his team to finish runners-up of Accenture’s ‘Leaders of Tomorrow Program’ and receive the Highly Commended Design Award in the 2021 Bolton Trust Competition. David has a keen passion for making, which stems from his childhood. His combined learnings from his degree, fuelled by his sparked interest from his Erasmus Programme in Holland have allowed him to turn this passion into a career.

The ‘Over Under’ Cable Winder

The ‘Over Under’ Cable Winder is a manual cable coiling tool that incorporates the ‘over under’ cable wrapping technique in a consistent, replicable manner. It aids individuals working in the live events sector as well as other industries by increasing both speed and efficiency, while simultaneously reducing costs and physical strain on the body.

The benefits of this product are realised during the ‘tape down’ phase of a live event which involves setting out the cable paths on location, laying the cable in place, and straightening it in preparation for tape. It’s then taped at both ends on the floor to anchor it into position and further covered to protect the cable and prevent slips, trips, and falls.

In using the ‘Over Under’ Cable Winder, once the cable is unrolled, it lies flat and straight in a relaxed state with no twists, easing the job at hand. Wrapping cables with the ‘over under’ technique saves time and frustration in comparison to the standard practice whereby the cable is wrapped continuously in the same direction. This causes it to lie coiled and twisted when unrolled, requiring it to then be untwisted and readjusted. This can damage the cable over time by overstretching the cable fibres which ultimately leads to cable failures, costly replacements as well as a potential technical failure during a live event.