Rian Moore Fogarty

Rian is a final year product design student who has always been fascinated by “how things work” and “how could they be better”. He loves the whole design process and believes that you need to work closely with end users so a valuable product and experience can be created. Rian is environmentally aware and believes good design and sustainability sit side by side. Authentic product design will allow Rian to contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and promote the development of new ideas.


Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVs) is a painful and debilitating occupational disease that can be caused from over exposure to vibration from power tools

The HavFree device is an awareness tool that will notify workers when they need to take a break from power tools and potentially switch to another task to rest their hands and arms. Each worker in a factory or site will have their own pair of rechargeable devices that will compression fit onto the back of their disposable work glove. Flashing LEDs will signal over-exposure. An app and website will allow workers and employers to access their data.