Dan Little

Dan is a product designer from Donegal. His ability to dissect problems and build unique solutions from the ground up is not just his vocation, but his passion. Throughout his final year project, he has shown his unique ability to create connections within industry giving him access to design critiques from experts in the field. Dan’s ability to think outside the box and provide constructive feedback make him an asset to any design team.


As ocean waves enter local bays and beaches they refract, diffract and interact with the sea bed and coastal reefs. This completely changes the profile of the ocean waves making them very difficult to forecast. This causes issues for all water users both professional and leisure alike.

Atlantis is a sea state analysis device. It is anchored in local bays and close to beaches allowing for accurate sea state monitoring. The recorded data is sent to a server where it is analysed. Over time the device creates a profile of the wave conditions in different weather scenarios. This will allow for an incredibly accurate sea state forecast for the device location. This forecast will then be displayed on a consumer friendly app.