Tatjana Turcina-Proj

Tatyana Turcina is a photographer specialising in photojournalism, documentary photography and visual storytelling, placing great importance on the authenticity of the information conveyed. Along with colour photography, she uses black and white images and emphasises the transfer of events, feelings and emotions.

They Sold Ireland Out For Brexit

This series explores small fishing communities in Ireland directly impacted by Brexit. Irish fishing communities are increasingly frustrated by diminishing fishing quotas imposed by the EU following Britain’s departure from the European Union. The consequences for small coastal communities who rely solely on fishing is immeasurable. The new EU agreement on fisheries, stipulates that quotas available to European vessels operating in UK waters will be reduced by 25% over the next five years. A recent Seafood Sector Taskforce Report argued that one solution would be a ‘temporary voluntary fleet tie-up scheme’ to counter the impact of the reduction in quotas. The three fishing ports that I visited in Howth, Rossaveel and Killybegs revealed that many fishing boats are idle, tied up on the pier, while fishing communities are doing their best to resist these punitive measures. The future is uncertain and the fallout from Brexit continues unabated.