Yosef Phelan

Yosef Phelan is an Irish/Palestinian creative whose work blends expressive image-making and photography alongside bold typography. He has a passion for print design and all things tactile. His work stems from passions in art, fashion, music and culture, and expresses a unique and bold style that is present throughout. He has a passion for exploring different mediums and continually developing his personal style through self-initiated projects. Alongside getting his degree, he has completed extensive freelance work with clients in the Irish music industry, creating work for both digital and print outputs.

Roads of Return

For over 70 years, millions of Palestinian Diaspora and their descendants have been denied their Right of Return; Unable to return to the land they once called home.

Palestinian's memory of place is being threatened by this fact, with Road signage playing a major role in this erasure. In some cases, Palestinian place names have been vandalised or completely erased from road signs in local areas.

My campaign utilises the visual language of road signage and calls for action to be taken to enable Palestinian Refugees to exercise their Right of Return, while also aiding them in preserving their memories of Palestine.

This project was awarded a D&AD New Blood Pencil

Better Living Through Chemistry

Aldous Huxley’s ‘Doors of Perception’ signalled a critical turn in the popular perception of hallucinogenic drug research and cultural attitudes toward the uses of hallucinogenic drugs.

Huxley’s Experience on mescaline offers an exclusive and detailed recounting into the effects of the drug. He uses his experience to credit psychedelics with the ability to allow one to “see how things really are.” Huxley’s ideas and thinking is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s psychedelic drug climate. The effects of psychedelics and their uses within the medical field is a topic of increasing interest in recent years, with big pharma beginning to dabble into the commodification of drugs like THC and psilocybin, projecting the industry to be worth £8bn by 2027.

My publication explores the psychedelic culture clash happening now between big pharma and those who first made the push to decriminalise psychedelics from the 1960s onwards. Through Huxley’s experience on mescaline, the book explores different viewpoints toward the effects and uses for psychedelics in the 21st century. The typographic treatments and image-making in the book are directly influenced by Huxley’s visual experiences on the drug, with the goal of using Huxley’s vivid descriptions to present both sides of this psychedelic culture-clash.