Sarah Abuzid

Sarasoh was born in 2015 after my friends put together my 2 first names, Sarah and Sofía. Since then, it’s been my artistic name and it has helped me shape my creative career, which recently reached a milestone as I opened my online shop, where I sell prints of my work.
I describe my art as abstract, colorful and fun, sometimes confusing but always original; creating is a big part of my life and has given me the opportunity to connect with other talented artists and has opened the doors to many opportunities I’m eager to take!

Beautiful People

The Beautiful People project seeks to increase the positive representation of alternative forms of beauty. Tired of seeing the same faces in all portraits, I decided to create a collection of artworks depicting characters that didn’t conform with society’s definition of beautiful, featuring both feminine and masculine features, to break with the idea that non-binary identities always present androgyny, and celebrating some of my own insecurities such as curly hair or crooked teeth.

The project went on for months, as I shared the process behind creating each one of the 100 characters I drew, and one of its milestones was celebrating the Beautiful People Exhibition, which also featured 6 international artists.
The exhibition was held at a bar, where attendees were encouraged to interact with each other, have a drink or burger and familiarize themselves with these faces they hadn’t seen represented in the media before.

It is through the study of representation and its relationship with power that I was able to grasp the consequences beauty standards had had on minorities, there being direct links between one’s perception of beauty and their self-esteem, and discovering the dark background of some racially motivated beauty ideals.