Toby Clarke-Carr

Toby is a designer from County Meath with an interest in illustration, animation and motion graphics. Other than design, his biggest passion is music, which he enjoys incorporating into his design projects whenever possible.

Audio visual-communication

This project started as a continuation of the area Toby researched for his thesis. It explored the work and ideas of the designer William Addison Dwiggins. Hewas a man positioned between the worlds of fine art and modernist design.He didn’t follow eitherstyle, but instead borrowed from both to create something new. He took artistic ornamentation and used it in a way that was viable for print design.Toby’s’mother is an artistand hisfather is a designer, so he always sawhimself as being between two worlds: art and design. Initially heexplored the distinctions and similarities between the two fields, but he decided that the two spheres that definedhim were visual communication and audio communicationthrough music. As a student of both design and musicalcomposition he wanted to explore their relationship and create a piece of work that expressed this.Dwiggins firmly believed in the idea of “knowing ones’ craft”. He believed that when working with print, you should understand every step of the process intimately. Rather than having a disconnect between designer and printer, having good synergy between these areas will create a more coherent, focused and stronger piece of work. Music and sound design plays such a big part in advertising and film-making that a knowledge of both fields is becoming increasingly valuable in order to make something original that succeeds on both fronts.This relationship was explored to create a piece of work that demonstrates how students of visual communication would benefit from having a greater understanding of using audio. The finished piece is an abstract film made up entirely of white squares. This simple visual style allowed the film a clear relationship between the music and visuals to be established and explored.