Jack Ledesma

Jack Ledesma is a final year product design student in TU Dublin. Over the course of his four years at TU Dublin, Jack has taken part in numerous competitions such as the Design innovation plastics competition, the Student Enterprise Ireland Competition and the Student Entrepreneur Awards. Jack was also a member of the winning team for the Bolton Trust Competition who also represented TU Dublin in the Stage Two business competition in Berlin in 2021.

The Handover Hub

The Handover Hub is the solution to the ineffective communication seen between carers in the home setting. Not only does the Handover Hub resolve the issue of ineffective communication between carers but it also allows for family members of patients to become more involved in the care circle. This is a growing trend in the industry and the Handover Hub helps to facilitate this.

Currently, carers will handover to other carers by leaving notes, messages or making phone calls. This often does not provide the detail necessary for an effective handover and carers often show up to a patient’s home completely unaware of what’s waiting for them. As well as this, carers are required to recall all of the details from a shift when handing over to the next carer. This leads to inaccurate information, especially considering carers will see multiple patients per day.

The Handover Hub aims to resolve these issues with current handover procedures by providing a physical means to communicate important information in relation to patient activity. By having a list of tasks to be completed and a slider section to rate the completion of the tasks, carers can quickly understand what was done and what needs to be done. There is also the option to record audio. This will allow carers to explain the reasons as to why a task was rated the way it was.


Mountain Rescue Ireland attend hundreds of incidents every year. Up to 25% of these incidents take place in the dark, 20% of these incidents involve a helicopter being sent out and 20% of these cases are a result of people getting lost. In order to reduce the huge expenses and risks faced by Mountain Rescue Ireland, it is first necessary to look at reducing the number of incidents they are required to attend to.

Beacon is a product designed to guide lost hikers home and aid in rescuing those who are in need of help. Beacon is manufactured from luminous plastic and absorbs UV rays from the sun throughout the day. These UV rays excite the phosphors contained within the plastic and this produces a bright glow that lasts throughout the night. The design also features emergency contact details and the exact geographic location of the sign to aid in rescue missions.

This location is given in the form of ‘what3words’. What3words is a system adopted by emergency responders globally. Every 3m x 3m square on earth has been given 3 specific words and these words indicate the exact location of the square.

Beacon is designed to slot over fence posts which are of a standard size and found along the majority of walking and hiking routes. Beacon would be secured in place to these fence posts with tamper-proof screws.