George Kenny

George Kenny is a young product designer from Saggart, Co. Dublin. As his final year project shows, George tries to design with usability and sustainability at the core of his thinking. His problem solving and process analysis skills allow him to examine and break down current processes and use cases to create innovative solutions. George is a passionate sportsman and says he enjoys working in a team setting to achieve to achieve shared goals.


The ReWrap is a reusable pallet cover for manufacturing and distribution businesses that want to reduce the waste they produce by using single use plastic pallet wrap. The plastic stretch wrap used currently is used in high quantities and cannot be reused after being removed from the pallet. The waste must then be gathered and processed. The majority of this plastic is downcycled as tapes and other labels can contaminate the plastic quality. This leads to a very linear material lifecycle.

The ReWrap is designed in conjunction with warehouse workers and management to ensure the usability of the product doesn’t compromise the company’s efficiency or increase the workload on employees. ReWrap incorporates a circular economy methodology by allowing the elastic covers to be reused, saving time, money and reducing the amount of waste plastic sent to recycling centres or landfill every year.