Conor Jackson

Conor has always had an interest in filmmaking, the design of title sequences, and various aspects of the process, which is reflected in their work. His niche is designing posters for the various films and television programs that he holds close, and he has spent many years improving his skills as an editor. Conor can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and InDesign. They always make sure to meet their deadlines and the audience Conor's designing for is always on their mind when they make a creative decision. Another interest of Conor’s is writing and he's also a part-time extra.

Fan & Fandom

Conor's contribution is a short film. It is called ‘Fan & Fandom’ and blends live action and animation in an idiosyncratic style. Conor was heavily inspired by the comic books of his youth and his intensive interests in film, TV, and comedy. The film runs at 3 minutes in length and is told in what he calls a ‘pseudo-documentary’ format. This is a film that explores what it means to be a geek, that is, a fan of properties such as comic books and science fiction, and to be neurodivergent (which Conor is.) In case you’ve never heard of this word before, neurodivergent is the term that covers conditions that affect sociability and cognitive functions such as Autism, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia.

‘Fan & Fandom’ switches between Conor’s present-day self and his younger self who is represented through animation. Through voiceover and animation, he articulates how difficult a lot of activities that come naturally to neurotypical people (those without ASD, dyspraxia, ADHD, OCD etc.) were for Conor growing up in the suburbs of Dublin. If he couldn’t say it, then he'd draw how I was feeling and this knack for creativity at a very young age is what led him to develop his skills in school, in a Post-Leaving-Cert course, and ultimately the Visual Communication course over four years. This was a very personal short film to make, and Conor hopes you enjoy watching it.