Lauren Marlowe

Lauren Marlowe is a Roscommon based artist who explores the mental state and the supernatural. Marlowe’s work consists of lens work, including photographic manipulations, charcoal drawing, and music. Her work often explores the mental state and memory using ethereal imagery. She particularly makes work about her own mental health experiences with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Mental health is something the artist is very passionate about, and her work intends to show her own experiences with mental illness, which acts as a form of therapy for Marlowe, with the intent to normalise a conversation on mental health and assist in de-stigmatising it.



1. pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely.

"forlorn figures at bus stops"

2. (of an aim or endeavour) unlikely to succeed or be fulfilled.

"a forlorn attempt to escape"

Forlorn is a video piece which explores the artists mental state, and the uncanny, which is the idea of the mysterious and strangeness in the ordinary. This is achieved through images of the body, ritual, nature, and site. The video piece is a merge of both video and still imagery and contain sound. Marlowe uses sites that are abandoned and said to be haunted, and that appear to be in symbiosis with nature, being consumed by the landscape. Ritualistic practices particularly rooted in Wicca are being performed to help the artist cope with these emotions, particularly anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, while also exploring ideas of the supernatural. The video piece is in VHS style, the idea that it has been restored and digitised referencing the repetitive nature of these states. Flashing of words, serenity, hopeful, and safe, are being used as affirmations in the ritual. The work uses both natural and artificial light, controlled and out of the control of the artist. Images and music juxtapose these extreme emotions and reference the uncanny, bringing into question what is strange and what is not. The idea of this is to normalise mental health and destigmatise it, these emotions can feel abnormal and strange, but are part of many of our lives. The work intends to show the artists own experiences with mental illness, which acts as a form of therapy for Marlowe, and normalise conversation about mental health.