Sadhbh Quinn

Sadhbh is a final year Product Design student at TU Dublin with an interest in assistive technology, biomedical device design and sustainable fashion.


The Problem

Regular toothbrushes aren’t suitable for people with mobility problems as the handles are too thin, difficult to grip & requires a high level of dexterity that many don’t possess causing many to struggle or to require assistance cleaning their teeth.

The Brief

To design a device that allows a user with hand mobility issues, such as arthritis, to care for their teeth in order to regain/retain independence, improve oral care compliance & reduce oral health problems.

The Product

The Trisonic is a three-headed sonic toothbrush for users with hand mobility issues such as arthritis that brushes all sides of the users teeth at once to reduce cleaning time & simplify the required movements by removing the need to angle the toothbrush and scrub.

Features include: a three headed design (cleans three sides at once and angles the bristles at 45 degrees), an ergonomic handle (better, fuller grip), the sonic aspect (cleans using vibrations rather than a mechanical oscillating head), a pressure sensor (stops overbrushing), a 2-minute brushing timer, and an inductive charging stand for safe charging