Rachel Egar

Growing up enjoying arts and crafts, Rachel geared her thesis surrounding her childhood hobby and following the skill back to her Granny's way of knitting and sewing as a duty. Knitting and sewing have always been a hobby of Rachels. This thesis was a great project to merge her hobby and her course interest. Furthering her career, creativity, innovation and imagination, would be the ideal environment achieve her best abilities.

Is my Granny now trendy? - Contemporary Popularity and Diversity of Knitting and Sewing.

This paper investigates the increase in popularity surrounding knitting and sewing in recent years. Activities that were once used by our ancestors and grandmothers as a duty or chore for the household have progressed into a leisurely hobby. The textile crafts of knitting and sewing now hold a different purpose compared to what it once was. The traditional stereotype of knitters and sewers as women working within the home have become outdated over time. For example, more and more men have become a part of the knitting and sewing community, including Olympic diver Tom Daley.

The research shows a major change in the way that people use knitting and sewing now because of the large changes that we have seen in society since industrialisation. Internet and social media have become a huge part of society. There is a large contrast in the types of people that are part of the knitting and sewing community now. While there are many reasons why one would knit and sew, the increase in popularity surrounding knitting and sewing is mostly due the fact that it is seen as more of a leisurely hobby compared to a domestic duty. Knitting and sewing are also viewed as highly engaging activities that are good for mental health and mindfulness. The way in which people use online platforms has extended the number of arbiters, such as YouTube videos, available for learning purposes.

Through qualitive research, this thesis aims to explore the social changes and responsibilities that have led to this change in use of knitting and sewing. Alongside relevant literature, interviews were conducted with my granny, who was an avid knitter and sewer for her family, and a current haberdashery/wool shop owner.