Rose Brady

An ambitious student with experiences in luxury and retail content and creation with a passion for all things fashion. As a person, I would describe myself as professional, hardworking, ambitious, positive, reliable, and a team player. My course Creative Industries and Visual Cultures deals with creative industry management, marketing, media, advertising, pr, cultural venue administration, and business management which is what I am all interested in. I am proud of my creative eye and the ideas that follow that. I am passionate about thinking differently about how to market unique products and services to various customer profiles. I am continuously evolving with a passion to learn and grow. I am eager and excited to branch out into my future career ahead of me.

Anti-Fast Fashion Night

We used to create 95% of our clothes ourselves until the 1960s; now we barely make 3% and the other 97% is outsourced to developing countries throughout the world. The fast fashion industry's human aspect is too important to overlook, as we observe cheap labour exploitation and violations of workers and human rights in many developing countries throughout the world. It is also known that we are not keeping our clothes as we used to due to the everlasting trends that bombard us daily. This leads to excess amounts of inventory and waste with 85% of textiles ending up in landfills. We spend over 80 billion on new clothing each year, which is 400 percent more than we spent just two years ago. Advertisements have pushed society into this belief that happiness is connected to the things we own.

I wanted my event to inform people to shop in a way that is not detrimental to the environment which is charity, vintage, and sustainable design. Is the cost of polluting the water, the cost of low labour, and the cost of individuals dying in poor conditions really worth it? The goal of this event is to showcase a light-hearted experience with a lesson to be learned and hopefully followed by a change in the audiences’ opinions regarding fashion choice and purchasing behaviour, as I give different examples for alternatives to fast fashion. This will encourage people to think critically before making a purchase.

Anti-Fast Fashion Night examined the effect of fast fashion, and most importantly the event guided the audience to shopping more sustainably in 3 ways; Pre/reloved, Reworked and Sustainable Design. All 3 sections were in collaboration with an Irish business (Folkster Vintage), TU Dublin students, an Irish charity (NCBI Crumlin), and finally an Irish designer (Sharon Sweeny).