Gavin Dempsey

Gavin considers himself to be a very creative and artistic individual who loves all things art. He is a creative thinker who has an open mind about what will work best, and likes to explore alternative solutions to problems, especially when it comes to interior design. Gavin has a great passion for interior design; he always wants to do his best work and has the motivation to constantly grow and learn through each project. The past four years of his degree have been really enjoyable, and he feels as though his skills as a designer have gone from strength to strength.

Community Hub

The aim of this thesis project is to redesign Lawlor’s Hotel, located at Poplar Square, Naas Co. Kildare into a community hub. The location is perfect for a community hub as it is in the heart of Naas town. The Community Hub will empower individuals and families in solving community problems and improving the overall quality of community life. The space will enable a range of social, educational, training development, and health activities to take place at the Hub which responds to the needs of the local people. Naas community hub aims to provide a safe, trusting, and welcoming environment for all members of the community. The community hub aims to bring people together; young and old, from all different backgrounds. The hub would serve as a place for all members of the community to come and socialize through a wide variety of activities such as art, yoga, meditation, sports, and much more.

The concept for the community hub is derived from zen gardens, and the organic forms they create. Zen Gardens embody an atmosphere of deep relaxation, which can help with overall stress relief, and they act as a visual reminder to stay calm and focused throughout the day. The design of the community hub reflects this through the use of curves within the wooden lath structures and the voided space, which goes through three floors of the building. The curves create a sense of flow throughout the interior, leading you from one space to another. The chosen colour scheme is bright and exciting to create an interesting and engaging atmosphere.