Caleb Daly

I am an Arklow-based photographer. My practice engages with ideas about landscape as a socially and culturally constructed form. I use experimental techniques, such as sonification and data bending, in order to produce new kinds of post-futurist image environments. Combining image and audio in a symbiotic relationship, my aim is to produce new kinds of audio and visual experiences for the viewer.


'Cloigteach' explores the relationship between ancient built structures from early Christian Ireland and modern technology. I am trying to draw connections between these futuristic buildings from the past and what remains in the present. Round towers, also known as bell houses or ‘cloigteach’ in Irish, are synonymous with one of Ireland’s most well-known monastic sites, Glendalough. Using an audio software, I am re-imagining this iconic site as part of a meditation on Celtic Futurism.