Sorcha Masterson

From an early age, Sorcha took part in art competitions and this passion for art was carried through all her school life. With this interest, she decided to attend Coláiste Dhúlaigh CDCFE, where she studied Interior Design for two years and achieved a distinction in all subjects and was accredited with a Higher National Diploma. Sorcha was then accepted to the Technical University of Dublin, to finish her last two years of her studies. Her main aim when designing a space or a furniture piece is functionality, as many of her designs and her thinking are influenced by the Bauhaus aesthetic and principals.

Passing the Threshold

A threshold is defined as the entrance to a house or building or any point of entering or beginning. In this instance, to use the term to pass/cross the threshold from one’s home to the outside world and vice versa. It has become clear that many people have forgotten that the hallway is a crucial landing space in the home. It has since become a transitional space for traffic, clutter, and noise. While piling research on how people use their hallway or entryway, no matter the size, the consensus seems to be that the hallway is a dumping ground for ‘stuff’. To look specifically at Dublin properties and how the inhabitants can take back the hallway and be a functional space in the home.

The brief is to design a system for the hallway that can assist in organising the inhabitant's ‘stuff’ and create a space that allows a moment of silence before entering and leaving the world outside one’s home. The aim is to design a modular system of pockets with hidden uses and to create a visually soft and soft tactile product through acoustic materials such as PET Felt.

The system will have several functions, albeit what each user needs. Through accessing different families, couples, and young professionals’ homes, all living in different situations, and find out what is most needed in a hallway space to better their day-to-day lives. The aim is to design a range of components that assist a homeowner arriving or departing from their home. With ease and human movement at the forefront, the critical part is to disrobe on arrival and then equip themselves on departure. Therefore, helps each person to reduce their fear of forgetting an item like keys, face mask, wallet, etc.