Tomas Galione

Tomas is a product design student from Dublin; his passion for design and engineering began from his childhood, with the building of go-cart with his friend to race down the hills in the local park. As he got older his passion for design and engineering grew and grew… allowing him to for fill his dreams of studying mechanical engineering. After completely his degree in mechanical engineering he began his journey to becoming a Product Designer. During his product design studies he sharpened his skills in user focused design, design research, 3D modelling, rapid prototyping and sustainable design.


The goal of the Lumis is to improve the Magnet resonance imaging (MRI) examination experience for children by reducing the over stimulating environment in the hospital and from the MRI machines, this is to reduce the failure rate of scans and the overuse of sedation & general anastatic during the MRI examination. The Lumis MRI games console reduces the stimulating environment and improves patient experience in the hospital and MRI machines, by allowing the users to play a relaxing video game before and during the MRI examination process. So essentially it is a video games console that can be used inside an MRI machine. The Lumis is adaptive to all age groups by simply changing over the video game on the console.

Inside the MRI machine the child controls the game with two controllers, one on each side of their body. The game image is then projected to a projection screen inside the MRI machine. The child and parent first get to sample the games together inside the waiting room to become comfortable with the controls and games. They then decide which game they would like to play during the MRI examination. During the MRI examination with the parent in the waiting room and child in the MRI machine they continue to play the game together. The child can see the parent throughout the examination through a webcam mounted on the console inside the waiting room. The console also allows for audible communication between the parent and the child throughout the MRI examination.


The ShedSense accurately detects dangerous gases present in slurry sheds and monitors shed conditions for optimal livestock performance. The ShedSense warns the farmer if the slurry gasses reach dangerous levels in the shed 24hr a day. The sensors determine the shed gas levels, relays the data to the main hub which alerts the farmer via text message before they become dangerous. This gives the farmer time to reduce gas level in the shed before they become dangerous. The sensor also triggers an alarm in the shed warning anyone nearby. Shed temperature and humidity are also monitored and displayed via the app.