Niall Kelly

Niall Kelly is an award-winning, final year product design student in TUDublin. He formed and led team Remedy, wining the prestigious Bolton Trust Student Enterprise Competition 2021, with the novel PSA home testing kit concept - PSAid . Remedy went on to compete in Europe’s first University Venture Competition in Berlin 2021.

Niall’s passion is applying product design to real-world problems, reimagining and designing our way to a better future. Specific areas of interest include health care, fire safety, energy, and sustainability. Niall was selected and participated in the ivenTUre student entrepreneur accelerator program in the summer of 2021.


Every year in Europe 4,000 people die, 69,350 people are injured 1,800,000 building fires occur (Europe, 2020). One injury, never mind death due to a building fire in the twenty-first century is unacceptable.

Vision is a smart camera device system, which automatically monitors, tracks and analyses the adherence to fire safety regulations and notifies the fire safety officer if there are risks or issues. The devices will be placed at evacuation routes, high risk areas as well as refuge rooms. The camera system, leveraging AI, will identify the adherence or inconsistences to fire regulations. Such as evacuation routes blocked, if large amounts of flammable material are present, if fire doors are propped open, if fire equipment is missing (fire blankets, fire extinguishers etc.).

Vision has an accompanying phone app which will allow the organisation’s fire safety team keep track of fire safety status and incidents within the building. The app will notify the person responsible if any major problems occur. All data gathered will be anonymised and adhere to data privacy and security guidelines..


1 in 7 men WILL experience prostate cancer in their lifetime, PSA or prostate specific antigen is a chemical found in the blood. It is a key indicator of the presence of prostate cancer. It is vital for patients to keep track of their psa levels to prevent their condition from deteriorating. In Europe, 450,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually.

PSAid is a PSA level monitoring device that enables customers to keep track of their PSA levels from the comfort of their own home and view their results on an accompanying app. This avoids the high costs associated with the time-consuming process of having PSA levels monitored in hospitals. In the box, patients will find everything they need to obtain a quantitative PSA result whilst also having any factors that may affect their PSA levels accounted for. Once a blood sample is inserted into the device, the colour light sensor will measure the level of PSA in the sample and provide a result within 10 minutes. The result will be sent to the cloud and will be accessible through the PSAid app on the users phone. The test results obtained will be shared with the patient’s doctor via our secure server and the doctor can advise the patient on any follow up steps to be taken.