Sean Loughlin

A personal account for creative inspiration is the stride for novel product solutions that harbour an increased quality of life through an achieved level of seamless deployment. The culmination of a deeply rooted understanding of the user and their active environment offers a window of evaluation and perception into presenting a meaningful and definitive intervention. A profoundly qualitative process that creates an empathetic purpose, whilst simultaneously identifying the source of adverse lifestyle connotations that provide purpose for ideation.

Palm Iontophoresis Device

​​​​​​Palmar hyperhidrosis is a dermatological condition characterised by chronic excessive sweating from the hands. A dermatological skin condition that affects 1% of the global population, equating to approximately 70 million people worldwide. It remains largely unheard-of, a profoundly stigmatising that diagnosis has effects on an individual's physical tactile capacity, psychological well-being and overall quality of life. The 'Palm' iontophoresis device allows patients to control their palmar perspiration through iontophoretic therapy, a process of passing a minor electrical current through the hand to block overactive sweat glands. 'Palm' harnesses the use of galvanic skin responses to measure sweat levels throughout their iontophoretic journey. This provides an insight into the emotionally driven sweat triggers that gives patients an opportunity for methodical perspiration intervention. The 'Palm' device ultimately aims to empower patients to recapture control of their stigmatising condition, eroding physical and mental barriers by introducing a positive lifestyle through body appreciation.